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Nancy Fetzer’s K-1 Online Video Training Series
Alphabet Learning Center Activities Kit
Learning the Alphabet Charts & Tools
Utilize this unique multi-sensory
alphabet system and free online
Learning the Alphabet videos for
students to hear and feel letter
sounds so they immediately
begin to read and write. This
practical resource also includes
a collection of stimulating, tested
learning center activities to teach
and reinforce alphabet letters
and their sounds.


Alphabet skills are critical for the K-1 student to successfully become a reader and writer. Utilize The Alphabet Learning Activities Kit book and the online ALPHABET VIDEOS (see below) to teach students their letter names and sounds, as well as writing every letter of the alphabet (letter formation). Please note: This alphabet system is utilized in the Nancy Fetzer’s Writing Curriculum Manual and the Nancy Fetzer’s Reading Curriculum manual.


Below are two the two different categories of instruction for the alphabet: 1) The Alphabet Chart Video and 2) Letter Formation Videos. Daily, students should practice their alphabet skills using The Alphabet Chart video and the Letter Formation videos until students have mastered these skills. The Alphabet Chart has one video for students to learn their letter sounds and letter names. The Letter Formation videos require students progress through fourteen videos in order to master writing every letter of the alphabet. In the classroom and at home, students can INDEPENDENTLY follow along the instruction in these videos.

Learning the Alphabet and Letter Formation

Learning the Alphabet Overview

Free Download “Learning the Alphabet” Packet

Free Download “Alphabet Cards for Segmenting”

The Alphabet Chart Video

Teach children the letter names and sounds of the alphabet through a child-friendly, interactive video. “The Alphabet Chart: Student Practice” video utilizes auditory, visual, and tactile-kinesthetic cues that focus on directing children to attend to how and where the sounds are produced and felt. Repeatedly, students watch this video (at home or school) to learn the names and sounds of each letter.

The Alphabet Chart: Teacher/Parent Instructions

The Alphabet Chart: Student Independent Practice

Letter Formation Videos Progression 1-14

(Free Download and Student Practice Videos)

Teach children to write the letters of the alphabet through these fourteen child-friendly, interactive videos. These unique videos are sequenced in order of instruction. Students repeatedly watch a video, master the skills, then progress to the next video. In order to simplify letter writing, students are first taught twelve shapes. Once they master the shapes, they then use different combinations of those shapes to write any letter of the alphabet. Whether learning the twelve shapes or specific letters of the alphabet, the students first practice writing the shapes with body motions and sky writing ( large motor activities), they then progress to whiteboard writing, and finally paper and pencil (fine motor activities).

1) Shapes Large Motor Student Practice

2) Shapes Fine Motor Student Practice on a White Board

3) Shapes Fine Motor Student Practice with Paper and Pencil

4) Shapes to Letters Large Motor Student Practice (Letters A to L)

5) Shapes to Letters Large Motor Student Practice (Letters M to Z)

6) Letters Student Practice with White Board (Letters A to F)

7)Letters Student Practice with White Board (Letters G to L)

8) Letters Student Practice with White Board (Letters M to R)

9) Letters Student Practice with White Board (Letters S to Z)

10)Letters Student Practice with Paper and Pencil (Letters A to F)

11)Letters Student Practice with Paper and Pencil (Letters G to L)

12)Letters Student Practice with Paper and Pencil (Letters M to R)

13)Letters Student Practice with Paper and Pencil (Letters S to Z)

14) The Alphabet: Advanced Student Practice